Church Garage Sale Fundraiser

All the blurred flurry of a month's preparation--collecting and making donations, advertising, organizing, coordinating, setting up tables, making signs, and launching, funneled to a fixed point in time. We circled round the register at the end of the day, counted the change, and punched the final totals into the calculator. I think we all held … Continue reading Church Garage Sale Fundraiser

Thoughts on the IRBS Seminary Convocation: A Call to Prayer

On Sept. 11th of this year, my brother and I hurried home from work to watch the Convocation of the IRBS Seminary. All day long I had glanced at my watch every half hour, mentally going over all that was left to be done and how long it would take. Today of all days, I … Continue reading Thoughts on the IRBS Seminary Convocation: A Call to Prayer

Semper Reformanda Conference 2018

Semper Reformanda 2018 provided a wonderful opportunity to know, understand, and praise God better for who He is, what He has done, and for His love and provision for His church through gifted pastors and theologians. The focus of the conference was chapter 2 of our Confession of Faith, the 1689 LBC, "Of God And … Continue reading Semper Reformanda Conference 2018

Frankenstein: A Screenplay

A. S. Peterson proved himself an extraordinary storyteller with his "Fin's Revolution" series--a master of words, imagery, and human nature. It's been several years since I read them but there are certain scenes from Fin's Revolution that still stand out vivid in my memory, haunting, comforting, in their terrible beauty. Fin's story touched parts of … Continue reading Frankenstein: A Screenplay

Modern News: Lemme Know When The Book Comes Out

I hate the medium of modern news so much. Here's how I find out about current events: *walks in on volatile Twitter argument* *stares uncomprehendingly as WW3 erupts* *scrolls through comments* *still doesn't know what started the argument* *stalks accounts of 3 people involved* *still doesn't know what actually happened* *asks what I think is … Continue reading Modern News: Lemme Know When The Book Comes Out

New Book in the Mail! Frankenstein: A Screenplay

Can't wait to read this new book by A.S. Peterson, author of two of my favorite books, Fiddlers Gun and Fiddlers Green!! I plan to take it on my Alaskan cruise in two weeks! "The story of Victor Frankenstein and his creature is much more than a mere monster tale. It's a story rich with theological, sociological, … Continue reading New Book in the Mail! Frankenstein: A Screenplay