Knowing God –review

Written in September 2012 when I was 17 years old.


Knowing about God is not the same as Knowing God, J.I. Packers states at the beginning of his book. The greatest wonder of the universe is that God chooses to know us and reveals himself so that we may know him. God is personally involved and knowable.

The rest of the book is a sort of systematic theology. Packer walks through the doctrine of the Trinity, each person of the Trinity, the attributes of God as so on. What makes the book so interesting is to see how influential it’s been over the past 39 years. When he wrote about our adoption through Christ he complained that he could find only two books written on the subject since the Reformation. Packer analyzed the weaknesses in the preaching of his day and spoke of the fundamental misunderstanding of what the statement “God is Love” really means. He spoke of how we are timid to talk of the wrath of God because we do not understand God’s love. He spoke with great aggravation of so many Christian’s confusion on wisdom, guidance and what “seeking God’s will means”. In essence, he described the theological landscape of today!

But what is encouraging is to also see how the landscape has changed since Packer wrote “Knowing God”. It would be interesting to track how many books have been written in response to Packer’s insights. “Adopted For Life” and “Just Do Something” are some titles that come to mind.

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