You Are What You Read

“You are what you read.”

Do I hold the values I do today because I read these books as a child or did I love these books because they share the values I hold? I suppose it’s a little of both.

This article lists several popular book series and the values those who love them frequently exhibit.

Encyclopedia Brown detail-oriented and opportunistic


The Boxcar Children imaginative and nostalgic


Fiercely Independent and Stubborn


The Chronicles of Narniastrong sense of right and wrong, often told or feels wiser than your years


Hank the Cowdog incredibly loyal

Once you have gained my friendship, it’s to the death, because that’s what it means to be a Cowdog

Little House on the Prairie likes food and cooking

I never look at store-bought butter the same.

liked to play Oregon Trail

Don’t even ask me how many times.

A Wrinkle in Timeloves the dynamic of a big family, roots for the underdog and believes in magic, er, science.


Anne of Green Gables – values wit and imagination; chatty and cares about seeming distinguished;


jumps to conclusions about people quickly, and can be stubborn about trusting your own intuitions.


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