Book Completed on Goodreads: Paradise Lost

My Review from Goodreads:

rating: 5 of 5 stars
bookshelves: read
status: Read from June 16 to 19, 2014
format: audiobook

review: There were some “little” changes here and there to the biblical account (such as Adam and Eve being parted at the moment of temptation) that become significant changes because of their implications (now Adam eats the forbidden fruit because he can’t bear to be parted from Eve) but in other details it is precise and insightful (the headship of Adam, substitutionary atonement, the spiritual significance of God’s clothing Adam and Eve, etc and etc).

What makes this an enduring classic and a book deserving to be on every Christians’ shelf is its portrayal of the gospel as a story–as the epic poem that it truly is. It will take your breath away.

3 thoughts on “Book Completed on Goodreads: Paradise Lost

  1. Some of the discrepancies are due to Milton’s particular beliefs; he followed Arianism, which wasn’t too uncommon in his time.

    There’s just so much to that poem. The radical economic shifts in England, the constant allusions to the Greek epics Milton was more than familiar with, his perceived “lateness” about the time he’d have to create his master work… You could read it for a lifetime and always keep learning something.


    • Yes! I agree, thank you for sharing your thoughts Aletifer. Arianism was another troubling element in Paradise Lost though I didn’t find it to alter the message much because of its subtlety. The implications of Arianism are crucial in the doctrine of atonement (and is, in fact, heretical) but I doubt many readers of Milton’s work will notice the lack of divinity in the Son of God and read into the story their own orthodox understanding of the Trinity. What do you think?


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