Of Digressions and Self-Discipline

I’m one of those rare few who would actually read Moby Dick again.


Few people have read the 900 page book. And of the few who have, most seem to bemoan being forced to read it in literature class.

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Rapunzel and Mark Antony Get Tangled


When I first heard that Disney was bringing my favorite princess to the silver screen I was excited. Rapunzel was always one of my favorite fairy tales. As a little girl, I dreamed of having floor-length hair like hers by the time I was 20. But as I reach behind my back and feel the ends of my hair brushing just beneath my shoulders I am reminded that not all dreams come true.

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Songs of Asaph: Little Boy Heart Alive (Andrew Peterson)

Andrew Peterson

This song beautiful captures the adventure-hungry, imaginative delight of childhood, these desires stemming from a call to be swept up in something greater than our own stories, by a love “so good but [that] is not tame”.

Can you capture all the fantasy literature references?

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Everything a Christian Movie Ought To Be



There are not many Christian films that I find worth a second watching–much less a third. But this one does. As Gianna Jessen, the inspiration for the film said, “I laughed so hard and cried so hard, and healed.” OctoberBaby is a celebration of life, of love, of adoption, of forgiveness, delivering it’s message with wit, with passion and with skill.

Sadly, many Christians I’ve talked to dislike the film and call it too “worldly” because in it they see applications of modesty principles applied differently than they do, because they see Christian characters making bad choices and putting themselves in compromising circumstances, because they see a “rebellious” daughter and a father who apologizes and pass the film off as a quasi-Christian imitation of the secular glorification of teenage-rebellion.
“It’s just another Flicka. Just another Little Mermaid. Just another Finding Nemo.”

And they’re wrong.

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