Dead Men in the Basement


(A 300-words-or-less review)

Food left cold in the pantry, clothes in the closets, an ancient graveyard, an empty forgotten cradle, ashes still in the fireplace, spotless shelves shining with pewter mugs and platters, a sewing needle left sticking out of its project, a clock stuck silent at 8 o’clock, evidence everywhere of an entire village gone overnight from the mysterious island where three men and two women are shipwrecked during the reign of King Louis XIV. Who were these ghost-like people? How did they get there? And more importantly, what happened to them? Will the shipwrecked passengers suffer the same fate?

The characters and fleeing-Huguenots setting fascinated me, the plot had several twists and turns and an aura of enchantment and mystery so pervaded the entire book that several scenes downright gave me chills. However, the pacing dragged at times, the denouement was rushed, failing to deliver the satisfaction and joy so earnestly desired after pages and pages of misery at sea. And not to mention several loose ends left dangling. “Dead men in the basement” is now a metaphor for “unexplained plot elements” with a friend of mine, because of this book.


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