Songs of Asaph: The Reckoning (Andrew Peterson)

#15. The Reckoning
Andrew Peterson

Thunderstorms come as vivid reminders to us that our God is a consuming fire, infinitely loving but also infinitely holy. We long for Him to show His face in this world but do we really understand what that would mean?

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(Enjoy both the song and Andrew Peterson’s introduction to when and why he wrote it.)


I can see the storm descending on the hill tonight
Tall trees are bending to your will tonight
Let the mighty bow down
At the thundering sound of your voice

I can hear the howling wind and feel the rain tonight
Every drop a prophet in your name tonight
And the words that they sing
They are washing me clean, but

How long until this curtain is lifted?
How long is this the song that we sing?
How long until the reckoning?

And I know you hear the cries of every soul tonight
You see the teardrops as they roll tonight
Down the faces of saints
Who grow weary and faint in your fields

And the wicked roam the cities and the streets tonight
But when the God of love and thunder speaks tonight
I believe You will come
Your justice be done, but how long?

You are holiness and grace
You are fury and rest
You are anger and love
You curse and you bless
You are mighty and weak
You are silence and song
You are plain as the day,
But you have hidden your face–
For how long? How long?

And I am standing in the stillness of the reckoning
The storm is past and rest is beckoning
Mighty God, how I fear you
How I long to be near you, O Lord

How long until the burden is lifted?
How long is this the song that we sing?
How long until the reckoning?
And I know that I don’t know what I’m asking
But I long to look you full in the face
I am ready for the reckoning

Buy “The Reckoning” here!

Sadly, this brings me to the close of my “Sons of Asaph” series on Andrew Peterson. There are many more songs of his that I could choose from and likely I will eventually circle back around and highlight more of his beautiful pieces but I am going to move on for the present and explore other songs, artists, and genres.

5 thoughts on “Songs of Asaph: The Reckoning (Andrew Peterson)

  1. Thanks Emily for including such a Creative Servant as Andrew Peterson. His work has proved to be blessed, certainly a blessing to our family. I look forward to who is next on the list.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the series Mrs Horner! I will be changing up the format of my blog posts (announcement to come next Wednesday) to combine my Wednesday and Friday posts. There’s a music post scheduled for October 1st that I know your family will be particularly interested in. πŸ˜‰


  2. More than any other musician, Andrew Peterson makes me think. He puts wings to words and transcribes emotions to music, expressing what I’ve previously thought inexpressible. He has quickly become my favorite artist, thanks to a friend who introduced me to his music and writing. Hmm, wonder who she could be…? πŸ˜€


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