Six Month Anniversary

Hello everyone! Last Thursday, October 23rd, marked the six-month anniversary of my blog.

In six months’ time I have published:

79 posts

Comprising 28 reviews (22 book reviews, 5 film reviews (two of these containing a second, contrasting film review), and 1 song review)

1 “Sons of Asaph” bio followed by 16 song introductions


2 Questionnaires

1 “Changes on the Blog” announcement

Living in Heaven’s Shadow has received:


3,059 total views

68 Blog followers

56 Facebook Followers

My Most Viewed Posts are as following:

Courageous vs. The Incredibles (149 views) <—-really?!

Loving the Unlovable (a closer look at Disney’s “Frozen”) (127 views)

The Profanity of Christian Films (that aren’t really Christian) (82 views)

Vote on the poll at the bottom of this post on which posts YOU think were the best!

In honor of the day I have compiled a list of blog posts from April 23rd until now for the benefit of those who started following my blog later and are curious about what they missed.

This list might also be helpful to those of you who are homeschool moms and dads evaluating the books, films, and music brought into your homes, especially with children who are becoming independent readers, viewers, and listeners. Maybe I’ve blogged about one of the titles you’re looking into! The list below is in chronological order. I hope this is useful to some of you.

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield (a modern autobiography of a former Lesbian professor who came to faith in Christ)

Denominations or Associations? –an important theological book that’s not just for Pastors!

An analysis of the Major Themes in A Tale of Two Cities

Knowing God by J. I. Packer –a book that should be in every Christian’s library.

A 300-words or Less review of “The Problem of Pain” (includes some general remarks on reading C. S. Lewis)

A 300-words or less review of “Spiritual Warfare” a concise, balanced, layman-accessible, exegesis of the Biblical doctrine.

“Prodigal God” by Tim Keller –prepare to be blown away by the beauty of the Gospel story like you may never have heard before.

I’m sure you’ve at least heard of Ann Voskamp’s controversial book “One Thousand Gifts,” if not read it yourself. My review was born out of a desire to sift through and set to right the misconceptions and errors of both sides of the debate.

Walking the Bible: a Photographic Journey

An in-depth analysis of “Gulliver’s Travels” and where it intersects with the Gospel

Seabird” –a delightful picture book about life on the sea and a multigenerational legacy that will capture the imaginations of both younger and older readers!

I say that “The God Who is There” is a must for high school Worldview reading.

A review of the “I Am David” book, an excellent choice of books to introduce a child to the horrors of WW2 without overwhelming them or giving them too much information.

Loving the Unlovable –a closer look at Disney’s Frozen (I compare with the original fairy tale!)

Courageous vs. The Incredibles –why I find that the secular-produced film “The Incredibles” comes closer to a biblical portrait of fatherhood and grace than does the “Christian” film “Courageous.”

An introduction to and endorsement of Christian songwriter and author, Andrew Peterson

A Look at the Cooper Kids Adventure Series by Frank Peretti (both a wholistic and book-by-book review)

A look at Andrew Peterson’s wonderful “Wingfeather Sagas” fantasy series.

Why the “The Princess Adelina” is NOT “another Esther story.”

Looking for a Texas History resource from a Biblical perspective and one that engages young readers? Look no further!

A 300-words or less review of “Paradise Lost

A 300-words or less review of “Hank the Cowdog: the Ghosts of Rabbits Past

A 300-words or less review of the lamplighter classic “Prisoners of the Sea

Why Christians should not hesitate to rally behind Christian films like “OctoberBaby

We are called to be ever vigilant in discerning the messages of films–especially in movies like Disney’s “Tangled” (homeschool bonus: I compare Mother Gothel’s song with Mark Antony’s speech in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”!)

Of Digressions and Self-Discipline (a reflection on Moby-Dick and reading really long books)

4 Reasons the Great Gatsby is a Great Read (and how it intersects with the Gospel)

Whale Lines, Foolish Elves, and the Faith of Laughter

A (Stereo) typical Interview with Three Millenarians (a satirical short story of my own composition combating the stereotypes that hinder any serious discussion of eschatology)

The Profanity of Christian Films (that aren’t really Christian) –a review of “The Redemption of Henry Myers” specifically but the principles I outline apply to viewing any Christian film that misrepresents the gospel

Do you have a student studying classical music? Listening to “When David Heard” by modern but old-fashioned composer, Eric Whitacre, is a must!

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