3 thoughts on “Quote Me: It’s Defective

    • Yes it is! And I agree. I will pay more and wait longer in order to have a “real” book in my hands. When I read books in public as a kid it never really attracted attention (well, my uncanny ability to navigate a grocery store while never looking up from my book did) but as an adult I’m noticing that the simple act of reading a real book does stick out. One day, this last summer, I went shopping with my mom and sat on the floor across from her fitting room reading a book while I waited on her to come out. I heard wispering at the front desk then in my periphery I saw a lady peek at me around the corner. I heard her say to another lady, “yeah, she’s just sitting there reading a book.” I couldn’t stop laughing. If I’d been sitting there fiddling with my phone or taking selfies it wouldn’t have been thought unusual but because I was reading a hard copy book, I was thought strange!

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