Speech and Literature Appreciation Class


Starting on September 9th, I will be teaching a 30 minute* SPEECH class following my Piano Primer Class for children ages 3-12 in Conroe, TX. I accept both reading and non-reading students.

Through the course of the 7-week** class, students will memorize the poem “Daybreak” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and become familiar with 7 of Aesop’s Fables.


I will be teaching proper articulation and delivery as well as leading students in a thematic analysis and discussion of the literature we are reading.

On Nov. 4th, I will host a tea party*** with all classes combined as a time of fun and an opportunity for students to show parents what they have learned.

I charge $96 per student for the  8 weeks (the tea party counts as a class) paid at the first class. If you have a student in the piano class I will discount to $80 for the 8 weeks paid at the first class. ****

Have a younger child that you’re not sure is ready for the class? Try a one-class risk-free trial. If at the end of the class you decide your child is not ready, the day’s class is free for that child.

Below is an outline of the class and class objectives*****
First two couplets of Daybreak
The Dog and His Shadow
Focus: speaking clearly/not mumbling, pre-reading
3rd and 4th couplets of Daybreak
The Man and the Lion
Focus: speed
5th couplet of Daybreak
Aesop at Play
Focus: volume
6th couplet of Daybreak
The Lion and the Mouse
Focus: eye contact
7th couplet of Daybreak
The Old Woman and the Doctor
Focus: rhythm
8th couplet of Daybreak
The Village Quack
Focus: delivery posture/hand motions
9th couplet of Daybreak
The Fox and the Crow
Focus: polish

Tea Party and recitation

*time-slots to be determined based on the number of students
**there will be no class on Sep. 23rd
 ***I ask students to each bring a snack. I will provide 
sandwiches and tea.
 ****Please note that this discount is only available in advance.
 *****Parents, if you have any potential objections to the content 
of the class please closely examine the poem and fables I have 
presented here prior to signing up for the class. Since I have 
fully disclosed the content of my class I cannot be held 
responsible for objections to content during or after the class.


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