2015: A Year in Review (Music)






^^ that’s about right!


No surprise on 1-4, but #5 took me by surprise–what is Bow Pop, and how could it make my top 5 if I don’t know what it is?! Google failed to turn up a definition. From what I can piece together based on Spotify’s playlist entitled “Bow Pop,” it appears the genre is kind of a modern spin on classical. The Piano Guys and 2Cellos are two well-known names that come up in the playlist.



Winter saw 52 streams of Shai Linne, tied by 52 streams of Billy Boyd (who actually only has one song…), with a runner-up of 42 streams of The Celtic Woman.

Spring saw 140 streams of Elliott Park, followed by 117 streams of Alan Jackson, and 99 streams of Peter Hollens.

Summer saw 128 streams of Alan Jackson, 79 streams of Hans Zimmer, and 60 streams of Peter Hollens.

Fall saw 71 streams of Alan Jackson, 34 streams of Johnny Cash, and 32 streams of Andrew Peterson.

My Top Artist list is skewed by the fact that I have playlists set up for my younger siblings and they listen to their playlists as much as I listen to mine. We have several shared favorites, so artists like Peter Hollens, Elliott Park, and Piano Guys, end up jumping disproportionately to the top. Here’s how I would rank my top artists for 2015:

1. Alan Jackson
2. Billy Boyd
3. Johnny Cash
4. Brad Paisley
5. Elliott Park
(6.) Josh Turner

And my Top Playlists I would wager were:

1. Your Pain in My Heart (sad country)
2. Beyond the Walls of the World (misc. soundtracks)
3. Love Me Some Alan Jackson
4. Brighter Days (happy country)
5. Country

11 thoughts on “2015: A Year in Review (Music)

  1. Most surprised: Shai Linne. But I shouldn’t be…ever since that escapade with the rapper loose on the forum… 😛

    Most “duh” moment: Billy Boyd. Of course.

    Obvious: Alan Jackson. Always.

    Biggest smile moment: That you felt like it was necessary to tack Josh Turner on somewhere in there. 😀

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    • Haha, I was surprised too! I guess I went on a Shai Linne binge early this year? I don’t really remember. Calvin really likes him too, so I know that boosts the stats.

      The Billy Boyd stats really made me laugh. I mean, seriously, the guy only has one song. XD XD

      Alan Jackson. Forever and always. 😉

      Yes, I did. I just felt guilty stopping at 5… XD


  2. And I thought >I< was a music junkie. O.O Weirdly enough, I think I'd barely top your 245. Just slightly. You admire the harmonic sounds in life more than I first assumed.

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      • At times, yes. xP Oh that’s tough..but I think it’d be something like:
        1. Christian Rap
        2. Modern Pop
        3. Classic Rock
        4. Modern Country (how…)
        5. Workout Motivation (don’t ask)

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      • Yes, SOMEHOW this PERSON got me to give country another try, and lo and behold it sorta worked. By sorta, it’s newer pop/rock type stuff. You asked how modern? Modern to the point someone’s farm-raised Mississippi momma would slap me for mentionin’ their names- Sam Hunt (all time fave) , Florida Georgia Line, a bit of Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes- those kinda things. Now I KNOW that might not be called “true country” to some folk, but it’s a step in the right direction down the ol’ dirt road. Also, Alan Jackson ain’t too bad himself neither when I happen to be flipping yonder through the stations. So there ya have it miss, I hope I answered your questions all nice-like and punctual.

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      • There’s no need to bring in that farm-raised Mississippian momma–a little Conroe gal could do the job just fine. 😛

        Actually, I’m not *real* familiar with those artists beyond Hunter Hayes–there’s a couple of his songs on my playlist that I really enjoy. He’s one talented kid, that’s for sure, though I wouldn’t go so far as to call him “country.” His content is too shallow and angsty for that title, in my opinion.

        I don’t mind rock influences in Country–they at least share a common DNA–but I do stubbornly maintain that pop has no place in Country because it is antithetical in *values* not merely *sound*. (There have certainly been times when Country *was* “pop” but that’s not the same as being *driven* by pop.)

        But if you can at least appreciate Alan Jackson, I’d say you are well on your way down that ‘ole dirt road. 👌😉 Maybe that person will continue to be a good influence on you. 😏


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