2015: A Year in Review (Reading)



I am disappointed to have not reached my reading goal for 2015 but am still encouraged by the numbers. I read 63 books in total (57 clocked by goodreads, 5 rereads not marked, + 1 beta reading for a writing friend)–that works out to an average of 1 book every 6 days at an average book length of 199!

When I took my 30 day social media fast over the summer, I read 14 books. My trajectory looked great–at that rate, I would surpass my goal! But then for the next three months I hardly read at all. I got stuck on one average-sized book (The Chestnut King by N. D. Wilson) that completely failed to interest me but I felt obligated to finish, it being the last in the series.

I can blame my not-reading on the disappointing book, but honestly, I didn’t *gasp!* feel like reading at that time anyway. Sometimes I just don’t have the emotional or cognitive energy to read a new book (even fiction is never mere leisure reading for me). Sometimes reading is a break from other things, and sometimes I need a break from reading to clear my head. Can anybody relate?








(The Dun Cow and Anne of Green Gables were rereads, my 5 unmarked rereads for 2015 were The Hobbit and Harry Potter 1-4)

My reading goal for 2016 will be less ambitious: 65. I want to push myself a little more every year but I also want to continue to value quality over quanity. Being a high-volume bookworm is something I’m slowly letting go of. I want to spend more time processing what I read than worrying about squeezing another title in. And I want to reread good books more often, for as C. S. Lewis said:

“The literary man re-reads, other men simply read.” (On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature)

And at the close of 2015, my home library software showed that I am the proud owner of 450 books!! (That nice, round number thrills my OCD heart.)

3 thoughts on “2015: A Year in Review (Reading)

  1. Alas…after reading about 80 books last year, I only made it to 33 this year. Or so Goodreads says.

    Good job! 🙂 It’s fun to see what you did this year, even though I was “there” with you along the way.

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