2015: A Year in Review (Blogging)




The second half of 2015 saw a significant drop-off in posts. I took a 30 day social media fast over the summer then an extended blogging break for several compound personal reasons. As hard as it was to step away, it turned out to be a good season of focusing on other interests and spheres of influence in my life and a much-needed time to step back, let go, and reassess and reprioritize my blogging. I hope to come back to blogging in 2016 though it will be less frequent and less regular than I have done in the past.


I was really encouraged to see a couple of old posts from 2014 make the top five for 2015. I’m glad to see that people are still reading and benefiting from them.


A special thank you to my top five commenters of 2015! You have all been such an encouragement to me. I treasure each and every comment you leave.


I figure these are mostly spammers, not actual readers, but if some of these are legitimate, I would love to hear who these readers from 74 other countries are and confirm these stats! If you are one of them, comment your country below!


And as an added bonus, here are some of the search terms that brought readers to my blog in 2015:

The Most Typical
living in heavens shadow
living in heavens shadow blog
living in heavens shadow emily shiflet
emily shiflet heavens shadow
emily shiflet blog
tangled heroine
disney rapunzel
aesop’s fables
the scarlet letter characters
cooper kids adventure series

The Most Encouraging
ethical issues in the movie tangled
confused images of tangled film heroine
is aesops fables anti christian
aesop stories about the church
scarlet letter
(how in the world did I come up high enough in search results?!)
literature appreciation course
cooper kids adventure series age appropriate
what is the last cooper kids adventure about
absalom,s monument
immorality great gatsby
courageous vs the incredibles emily shiflet
fables…c.s. Lewis
daybreak, poem by longfellow
karolan brogal

The Most Bizarre
christian movie with profanity
tangled mother gothel color
evilest a word
alone shadow tree
tree shadow man painting
high aphorstopy intelligence (thinking that googler doesn’t have it)
people don’t talk to strangers
he was my friend, faithful and just to me.
rapunzel hdr images
tangled lanterns scene
rapunzel bar
tangland heroin pics
music in heaven’s
heaven’s bourne
what fiction book has all the characters with “floor length” hair

Wishing You a Happy New Year from Living in Heaven’s Shadow!

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