Ask Me Anything

Today I celebrate 23 years that the LORD has given me.

In honor of the day and the recent revival of this blog I’m opening the floor for questions. Ask me anything! –Ask me about books, movies, music, writing philosophy, favorite ice cream, how I became a writer, my influences, something I’ve written, this blog, etc. etc.

Under 5 questions I will answer in the comments but if y’all ask more than 5, I’ll answer them in a blog post!

17 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. In the 23 years the Lord has given you, what was one season of your life marked with abundant blessing and one season that was more trying or challenging?

    Also: do you think “melty” is a proper word?

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  2. A research study performed about two years ago tested the idea that people will accept statements presented as meaningful, but actually, lack any actual depth. Researchers used Deepak Chopra’s tweets as an example of this phenomenon. β€œAttention and intention are the mechanics of manifestation.” This tweet bears a suspicious resemblance to a string of unconnected words. Wondering whether readers would notice, the researchers used a computer to generate similar phrases that sound deeply meaningful but are really only a string of buzzwords “randomly organized into statements with syntactic structure but no discernible meaning.” An example of this would be, “Wholeness quiets infinite phenomena.” The researchers then asked members of the research study to try and identify which statements belonged to Oprah, Chopra, and others and which statements came from the computer.

    Misplaced wisdom isn’t always as striking as Mr. Chopra’s. It can sometimes be delivered by people who begin with kind intentions but end up using words which are trite or too-quickly helpful. For the people who truly care, we remind ourselves how much they love us and how their dearest desire is to help us.

    My question is this: in your blog and in your world, what kinds of practices do you cultivate so that you will not deliver psudo- insights or psudo-explanations, but solid and compassionate and courageous truths?

    You deliver sincere encouragement and hope so well. Would you be able to give a little peek into the ways you teach yourself to so beautifully give us genuinely graspable Light?

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