Ask Me Anything: Answers

Happy Halloween/Reformation Day!

Thank you everyone who participated in my “Ask Me Anything” birthday post. Y’all asked some hard questions!! I’ve had to really think about these.

Shelbie from Called to Joy: If you could travel back (or forward!) to any time in history, where would you go and why? How long would you spend there? Would you stay or come back? 🙂

Having always been a lover of history, that is a hard question to decide! Some of my favorite time periods have been the era of King Arthur, the American Revolution, Westward Expansion in America, the American Civil War, and the Texas Settlement and the wild west in general. I am also fascinated by Ancient Egypt and Briton. 

But if I had to choose right now, I’d say Victorian London. I want to see the city as it was when those beautiful old buildings were unbordered by modernity. Though there would be many things about that time period that would exasperate me, I do love the social graces, the dialogue, the general aura of that era. I love the class, the dignity, the sights, the sounds.

I would want to spend at least two years there, enough time to submerge myself in the culture and understand it from the inside. But then I would want to go back because 2017+ is an amazing time to be a Reformed Baptist. I would want to see IRBS launched, I would want to see the impact of its graduates. I would want to see and be a part of what my generation does with the great inheritance gifted them. However much I love the history of the past I would not miss the history unfolding in the present to live in it instead.

Jason Dockter from Reformation FargoIn the 23 years the Lord has given you, what was one season of your life marked with abundant blessing and one season that was more trying or challenging?

Just one? Lol. The first “season of abundant blessing” that comes to mind is when my family joined our first Reformed Baptist church back in ’06. It was a season marked by intense growth for myself and my family as we came to understand clearly the doctrines of grace for the first time, were in awe of the depth of preaching and sweetness of fellowship in our new community, and my dad began considering going into pastoral ministry.

That season now seems very short-lived. The years after that were marked by significant trials coming at regular intervals as our church suffered through conflict after conflict and I was forced to start over in friendships every couple of years as people left and wrestle with the bitter realities of spiritual warfare and ordinary church life.

I’ve had seasons of joy in those too but the difference in seasons have not been as distinct. Joy and sorrow are mixed together. At the same time my church was going through yet another painful trial, we learned about TAARBC and ARBCA and a whole new world opened up to us and countless blessings flowed from it.

Also: do you think “melty” is a proper word?

Ha! I am known to be a strict grammarian but I’m also a Texan which means I consider slang to be proper grammar in the right context. “Y’all’d’ve done the same in my place.”

So…it depends. 😉 I wouldn’t use it personally, but I would allow for it in some contexts. Yes, Jason and Shelbie, I just avoided taking sides on this, lol.

Liz: What is your very first birthday memory and what do you like about it? 🙂

I’m not actually sure, Liz. I’ve even consulted old photo albums to try to find the answer but haven’t been able to find the pictures I need to jog my memory. My childhood memories extend remarkably far back (age 2 or 3!) but I don’t know which events that I remember were birthdays and which were other kinds of events. Perhaps that party with my pre-school friends inside the white-picket fence at my grandparents’ ranch was my 4th birthday. Perhaps one of those gatherings around my grandparents’ New Braunfels house pool that I remember was my 2nd or 3rd birthday. I’m not sure. 

I remember those places for sure though. They were two of my favorites. I loved the comfort and safety of the white-picket fence on a ranch that seemed as big as the world to a four-year old. I liked climbing it and rolling under it. I liked going beyond it and I liked coming back and closing the gate and feeling safe behind it. I remember the simplicity of that world. I remember crying quietly to myself in my early teens when that fence had to come down.

In New Braunfels I loved the deep and mysterious woods at the back of the property. I loved my animal friends there and the special rocks my Dodad helped me find. It was a place I never went alone into but one that I felt safe in and enraptured by holding my grandfather’s hand.

Christian Perspective on Politics: Could you do a review of “A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness sometime?

I had never heard of this book before but it looks interesting! I’d like to read it, and if I do, I will see about writing a review of it!

Misty: If you could go to dinner with any fictional character who would you to dinner with, where and why?

Gandalf, in an old Irish pub, because how fun would that be?!

Misty: If you could learn a foreign language, what language would you want to learn and why?

Biblical (Koine) Greek so I could read the Bible in its original language. I have started to learn Greek two distinct times but only kept up with it for three months at the longest because my family members who were doing it with me dropped out and I have a hard time learning a language by myself. I have also tried to teach myself Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, and ASL with varying success. Latin is the only language I completed a full year of and that is because I was in charge of teaching it to my 14 year old brother last year, ha!

I received one more comment on my post but her question has so intrigued me that I will devote a separate post to it. Thank you again everyone! I hope I answered all of your questions and that you had fun with this! I certainly did.


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