Happy 8th Birthday GfBC Conroe!

Happy 8th Birthday, Grace Family Baptist Church of Conroe, TX!

Earlier this week, on March 7th, my church celebrated its anniversary. I made this time lapse video to commemorate the occasion. I love you all, my dear church family!

Every week I sit by a window in our prayer chapel

and look at a tree outside

as requests are given.

I’ve watched the tree in every season.

Like our church,

I’ve seen it budding with new leaves

and I’ve seen it bare in winter.

I’ve seen its branches host birds

and shade horses.

I’ve been there for it all.

Eight years old.

In church years that is time enough

for seeds to have grown into saplings

and saplings into trees

and trees to bear fruit that plants its own seeds.

You oh Lord, are able to restore the years

that the swarming locusts have eaten.

The years eaten by the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter.

I will bless the Lord, oh my soul, oh my soul,

I will bless your holy name.



(These are excerpts from my new and upcoming stoem!)

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