Conroe Library Book Haul

Yesterday’s book haul from the Conroe Library Book Sale! 7 books and 1 DVD for just $7!! Discovered in the fifteen minutes I had to spare from getting off work early.

A couple of these I already own but picked up anyway because I can gift them or sell them to my siblings, haha. (They still save money and I collect a “finder’s fee” = win/win.)

A Beautiful Mind DVD

One of my favorite movies! I was excited to get this on DVD.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

2nd copy, I read this one last year and was really inspired by how this couple used their ordinary vocation to love their neighbor in an extraordinary way.

An Experiment in Criticism

I will never not pick up another book by C. S. Lewis, haha!


On my reading list. .50 cents at a time, I will eventually own the whole series.

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves

On my reading list. My siblings borrowed this one from the library last year and I took a peek at it. It looked like a fun, winsome grammar book and my siblings enjoyed it. I look forward to reading it myself.

The Penderwicks

I enjoyed this one as an audiobook on my drives to school last year. A sweet children’s classic to reread.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes with Original Sidney Paget Illustrations

2nd copy, I intend this for my soon to be 9-years-old Sherlock Holmes fanatic brother’s birthday!

The Betrayal

2nd copy, my oldest younger brother has dibs on this one once I verify I still have my 1st copy. It’s been around ten years since I read it. From what I remember, it’s a compelling and historically accurate portrait of John Calvin that helps to humanize him and correct many of the myths surrounding him. I can’t say how much the book would move me now but there is one scene in it that has really stuck with me–when John Calvin put himself bodily between violent heretical false teachers and the Lord’s Table. That image moved me because it demonstrated profound love, devotion, and reverence to the purity of Christ’s church. In that mental image, I saw extreme strength of character, boldness, calm resolution. I saw guardianship. I saw stewardship. This scene was in my head when I sat down to write The Guardians of Reputation. I’ve forgotten much of the book, but I remember that.

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