Semper Reformanda Conference 2018

Semper Reformanda 2018 provided a wonderful opportunity to know, understand, and praise God better for who He is, what He has done, and for His love and provision for His church through gifted pastors and theologians.

The focus of the conference was chapter 2 of our Confession of Faith, the 1689 LBC, “Of God And The Holy Trinity,” and exposited precious doctrines such as Divine Simplicity and Impassability.

But the medium is also part of the message. The understanding and clarity came by means of two faithful pastors and the hospitality of a sister church, Grace Family Baptist of North Houston.

Pastor Liam Goligher’s public refutation of the Eternal Subordination of the Son (ESS) starting in 2016, was in the context of his vocation as pastor and preacher. That stance proved a costly one and still he has stood faithfully for truth out of love for God and the health of His church.

Pastor Sam Renihan has devoted years of his life to studying and writing on the Trinity. I think that the mark of greatest intelligence is not talking in scholarly 7-syllable words but the ability to explain those complex 7-syllable ideas in a way that anyone can understand. This takes a profound level of comprehension. Dr. Sam Renihan is uniquely gifted in this. He communicates deep truths with incredible accessibility.

By both content and messenger, I was moved to give thanks to our Triune God for His tender love and provision for us, His church. How good is our God to give us such gifted, competent, and faithful men.

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