About Me

Why this blog?
Why another blog to review books, film, and music? I am not a literary scholar or an expert in my field. I do not presume to speak with a pastoral voice. I’m just a young lady passionate about the Word of God who happens to be pretty handy with a book, pen, and Google. But I do think that my approach to reviews is unique. My primary concern is with what a story means, determining whether that meaning is in line with a Biblical Worldview or not, and exploring how secular books showcase Romans-1 truths and tap into our desires for the Greatest Story Ever Told.

I also write from a Reformed Baptist perspective. (I subscribe to the 2nd London Baptist Confession of 1689, specifically.) That makes my blog a double anomaly. Of the few Reformed Baptist book reviewers out there, even fewer review fiction.

My theology is not something extraneous to my analysis, something that just hangs as a dusty plaque on a forgotten wall–abstract, unused, an irrelevant nicety. I endeavor to apply it to every story I read. My feet are firmly planted in history. I do not write in isolation from those who have gone before and I prefer books that build on the work of past generations–both in church history and historical literature.

I’m slow to follow fads. Generally speaking, I want to be really sure a book’s worth reading before I pick it up and for me, part of that process is seeing if people are still talking about the book several years after the buzz has worn off.

My favorites list spans a wide spectrum from theology treatises to Shakespeare to fantasy and fairy tales to the Great Classics to superhero films to Sherlock Holmes and you’ll find a little of it all here.

I see myself more as an interpreter than a scholar. I want to make the Greats accessible to those intimidated by them, I want to supply the necessary bridge for you to feel confident picking up classic literature–both fictional and theological. I revel in symbolism, mythology, and alchemical motifs. I want to beckon forth the fairy behind the iron mask, to paint the “big picture” and showcase the wonder of God’s Story imaged in the stories men write. I aim to engage the emotions as well as the mind and make the journey of discovery a delight rather than a burden.

I am an aspiring homemaker, practicing PK, devoted church member, second-hand intellectual, and indulgent grammar-nerd. I am an independent librarian and sometimes music-teacher, full-time hair stylist, and when the wind is right, Mary Poppins to five younger siblings.

I am book-lover and layman-theologian, I am story-exegeter and word-breather, I am faerie-chaser, friend-of-flowers, and student of Wonder.

At heart, I am a simple-minded Hobbit who loves hearth, home, and a good cuppa tea, but every once in a while the Took side gets the best of me and I go chasing after dragons and lost treasure. I am known to keep company with wise wizards, after all.

Will you join me for this adventure?

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