I’m Make My Pen A Bow And Draw It Across the Blank Page Till It Sings

What of me? What do I have to give? I know what to do, what I do best. I'll make my pen a bow and draw it across the blank page till it sings. I'll coax shapeless thoughts and feelings into words, into my own kind of music. My knees bend, my body sways with … Continue reading I’m Make My Pen A Bow And Draw It Across the Blank Page Till It Sings

My Top 7 Influences As A Writer

“People exercise an unconscious selection in being influenced.” – T. S. Eliot This is so true that we are often influenced unwittingly by our favorite authors! Young writers especially tend to imitate the style of whatever author they are currently infatuated with. I've certainly been guilty of that in my early years as a writer. … Continue reading My Top 7 Influences As A Writer

My First (and Second) Nomination

I am so honored to receive my first ever--and second!--blog award. I'm positively giddy. Thank you Heather L. L. Fitzgerald from The Tethered World and Stephanie Florentino of The Gathering Fire for each nominating me, both of your blogs are a source of great inspiration to me as well. For those who don't know, Heather's … Continue reading My First (and Second) Nomination

Writing Blog Tour

This blog has only just passed its two month anniversary and already I have the privilege of participating in a Writing Blog tour--wow, thank you so much Raelea Hiller for the introduction and jump start! I am super excited about this. Raelea and I met through the Texas Area Association of Reformed Baptist Churches and … Continue reading Writing Blog Tour