The Tethered World (the rare review of an author I know!)

It's not every day that I get to review a book by an author I personally know. It's not every book that I eagerly turn to the acknowledgements in first either. But when my first edition copy of The Tethered World by a certain, Heather L.L. Fitzgerald, arrived in the mail, I did both. "To … Continue reading The Tethered World (the rare review of an author I know!)

A Quote Off My Shelf

"...time has a way of leading a person along a crooked path. Sometimes the path is hard to hold to and people fall off along the way. They curse the road for its steep grades and muddy ruts and settle themselves in hinterlands of thorn and sorrow, never knowing or dreaming that the road meant … Continue reading A Quote Off My Shelf

Reviewer’s Digest//Fantasy and Sci-Fi

The Book of Dragons, selected and illustrated by Michael Hague Read August 24th-31st This collection features several delightful dragon stories I'd never heard before or heard only in part. My one critique is that the illustrations didn't always fit, the dragons often being more cartoonish and whimsical than fierce and magnificent as the stories describe … Continue reading Reviewer’s Digest//Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Songs of Asaph: Little Boy Heart Alive (Andrew Peterson)

#8. LITTLE BOY HEART ALIVE Andrew Peterson This song beautiful captures the adventure-hungry, imaginative delight of childhood, these desires stemming from a call to be swept up in something greater than our own stories, by a love "so good but [that] is not tame". Can you capture all the fantasy literature references? Miss my introduction … Continue reading Songs of Asaph: Little Boy Heart Alive (Andrew Peterson)