Happy 8th Birthday GfBC Conroe!

Happy 8th Birthday, Grace Family Baptist Church of Conroe, TX! Earlier this week, on March 7th, my church celebrated its anniversary. I made this time lapse video to commemorate the occasion. I love you all, my dear church family! Every week I sit by a window in our prayer chapel and look at a tree … Continue reading Happy 8th Birthday GfBC Conroe!

Essential Oils Mom Baffled How Child Got Sick

HOUSTON, TX -- Local mom of seven and resident expert on essential oils and homeopathic remedies, Purity Grasse, was baffled by 7 year old son, Ledum's illness last week. "We only eat organic, non-GMO foods: gluten-free grains, free-range chicken and eggs, and grassfed beef." Purity said. "I regularly diffuse Thieves essential oil blend throughout the … Continue reading Essential Oils Mom Baffled How Child Got Sick

Vocal Proponent of Shallow, Nominally Christian Films Calls For Higher Standards For Film

"It's time to end the compromise and raise our standards for the film industry," father of twelve posted to his Facebook wall last Saturday. "Start saying "no" to the secular Hollywood industry and put your money behind shallow Christian films that reinforce the traditional stereotypes that real Christians everywhere fight against in real-life relationships with … Continue reading Vocal Proponent of Shallow, Nominally Christian Films Calls For Higher Standards For Film

Speech and Literature Appreciation Class

Starting on September 9th, I will be teaching a 30 minute* SPEECH class following my Piano Primer Class for children ages 3-12 in Conroe, TX. I accept both reading and non-reading students. Through the course of the 7-week** class, students will memorize the poem "Daybreak" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and become familiar with 7 of … Continue reading Speech and Literature Appreciation Class

Reviewer’s Digest // Music Resources

On Wednesdays I am not only a blogger, I am also a piano teacher for young children. My class is a preparatory class. I do not teach on the piano, I teach music history and theory, relying on good literature and interactive activities to engage the imaginations of children ages 3-10 and cultivate in them … Continue reading Reviewer’s Digest // Music Resources

Songs of Asaph: Planting Trees (Andrew Peterson)

#10. PLANTING TREES Andrew Peterson “I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.” --Gandalf the Gray in The Hobbit Miss my introduction to my "Sons/Songs of Asaph" series? Catch up here. Miss my introduction to Andrew Peterson? Read it here. … Continue reading Songs of Asaph: Planting Trees (Andrew Peterson)

Songs of Asaph: World Traveler (Andrew Peterson)

#9. WORLD TRAVELER Andrew Peterson The greatest adventures are not out there but here at home, in the unexplored lands of human souls. http://youtu.be/187ck8_dwTE Read the Lyrics here: I grew up in a little town A southern mix of lost and found Where most folks seem to stick around But I could hear the highway … Continue reading Songs of Asaph: World Traveler (Andrew Peterson)