I Left Heaven For This??

I read the following original short story last month in a writing group I attend and thought it would be a good time to highlight it here on the blog. Like "A (Stereo)typical Interviews with Three Millenarians," it is a satirical piece that gave me a new angle with which to address theological arguments and … Continue reading I Left Heaven For This??

Songs of Asaph: The Reckoning (Andrew Peterson)

#15. The Reckoning Andrew Peterson Thunderstorms come as vivid reminders to us that our God is a consuming fire, infinitely loving but also infinitely holy. We long for Him to show His face in this world but do we really understand what that would mean? Miss my introduction to my "Sons/Songs of Asaph" series? Catch … Continue reading Songs of Asaph: The Reckoning (Andrew Peterson)

Songs of Asaph: So Long Moses (Andrew Peterson)

As Americans we are raised to believe Kings are evil, to be cynical of all monarchies and most of all to despise hereditary succession. This is not without good cause. The best of men are still human and power draws out pride like blood in the water to a shark. And yet this is not … Continue reading Songs of Asaph: So Long Moses (Andrew Peterson)