Songs of Asaph: Family Man (Andrew Peterson)

#14. Family Man Andrew Peterson "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." --Proverbs 16:9 God often blesses us with things we never wanted and then changes our hearts to never want it any other way. Miss my introduction to my "Sons/Songs of Asaph" series? Catch up here. Miss my … Continue reading Songs of Asaph: Family Man (Andrew Peterson)

Songs of Asaph: World Traveler (Andrew Peterson)

#9. WORLD TRAVELER Andrew Peterson The greatest adventures are not out there but here at home, in the unexplored lands of human souls. Read the Lyrics here: I grew up in a little town A southern mix of lost and found Where most folks seem to stick around But I could hear the highway … Continue reading Songs of Asaph: World Traveler (Andrew Peterson)

Courageous VS. The Incredibles

(Contains spoilers for both films) Confession: I am not a fan of Courageous. But before you strip me of my Christian-homeschooler-Southern Baptist-Pastor's Kid-FIC badge of honor, allow me to explain. I understand what the filmmakers were trying to do. I commend their desire to call men to embrace their duties in the home. The opening … Continue reading Courageous VS. The Incredibles