The Soul You Loved


“I know a man in Hell now.” That’s what the Preacher should have said if he were honest. But no one wanted an honest preacher today. Instead he talked of the good parts of the man’s life, how generous, and kind and caring he was, and what a shame it was he died young–all the things everyone wanted to hear. Old women daubed their eyes and a young lady softly whimpered.

The funeral home was unbearably warm, the small room packed. The preacher loosened his neck tie for the third time and talked of heaven and angels, hoping no one noticed the abrupt transition. He didn’t say the man was there, exactly, but he didn’t say he wasn’t there either. Best to let people think he might be.

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Songs of Asaph: The Cornerstone (Andrew Peterson)

Andrew Peterson

Full or irony and paradox, “The Cornerstone” speaks of the complexity of God’s love, of God Himself who is both love and wrath, holy and merciful. “Love is never simple” Andrew Peterson sings, “it draws ’em in and drives ’em out”. “A beautiful, unmovable force…the Cornerstone.” “All the maps were drawn, but the maps were wrong, the stars spin around another Son.”

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