Reviewer’s Digest//Fantasy and Sci-Fi

The Book of Dragons, selected and illustrated by Michael Hague Read August 24th-31st This collection features several delightful dragon stories I'd never heard before or heard only in part. My one critique is that the illustrations didn't always fit, the dragons often being more cartoonish and whimsical than fierce and magnificent as the stories describe … Continue reading Reviewer’s Digest//Fantasy and Sci-Fi


Four Reasons The Great Gatsby is a Great Read

The green light beckons on the horizon, the arms of the enigmatic Jay Gatsby outstretched towards it, reaching, reaching, until it fades away like the last warm kiss of summer. *contains basic spoilers common to most other reviews of the book* I understand why so many love The Great Gatsby: the writing's vitality, vividness and … Continue reading Four Reasons The Great Gatsby is a Great Read

When I Just Can’t

(No spoilers) I finished it. The last book in The Wingfeather Sagas series by Andrew Peterson. It--and the whole series--deserves a proper, lengthy, analysis of its rich themes and insights. But I can't do it. Not yet. Maybe never. It's been humorously said that books you like are easy to discuss sensibly but that books … Continue reading When I Just Can’t