I Left Heaven For This??

I read the following original short story last month in a writing group I attend and thought it would be a good time to highlight it here on the blog. Like “A (Stereo)typical Interviews with Three Millenarians,” it is a satirical piece that gave me a new angle with which to address theological arguments and craft counter-arguments during an informal debate on eschatology I had with a friend over a year ago. Essay is me telling readers “see, this argument doesn’t hold water,” satire is me beckoning readers to exclaim, “this argument doesn’t hold water!”

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A (Stereo) Typical Interview with Three Millenarians


When this post publishes I will be in the midst of preparing for a trip to Ohio where I will be nannying for the week. Instead of trying to have a post up for today and the weeks I will be gone and traveling back, I am going to introduce you to one of my short stories that I have posted on my tabs. Please note that the Wednesday posts for the next two weeks will be postponed.

In the meantime, enjoy!

I wrote this little piece of satire in the course of an eschatology debate I had informally with a friend last year. I had become frustrated with the propensity of opposing viewpoints to create stereotypes of each other and had grown tired of constantly denying the false assumptions of the other side about my position. I argued in essay against these then finally got so fed up I turned to satire instead and decided that if I couldn’t dissuade my opponents through direct arguments I would make them laugh.

(P. S. I succeeded)

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Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift



Summary & Analysis (contains spoilers)

Gulliver’s Travels, before it is anything else, is a satire–both on human nature and travellers’ journals such as Robinson Crusoe–which means there is far more to it than meets the eye and nothing is as it seems.

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