Gratitude and Ann Voskamp

With the holidays rolling around again, especially Thanksgiving, the topic of gratitude is a hot topic. My Facebook feed is already flooded by posts and book recommendations on gratitude. One book in particular took the market by storm three years ago and its author has continued to hold a steady and devout following ever since. … Continue reading Gratitude and Ann Voskamp


Seeing the Horrors of WW2 Through a Child’s Eyes

I AM DAVID By Anne Holm ⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 This book moved VERY slow and the plot and character development was simplistic, yet there remains in this story a spark of something that is difficult to describe and likely will not resonate with all readers, compelling me to give this book a higher rating than I … Continue reading Seeing the Horrors of WW2 Through a Child’s Eyes