2017 In Review

When each year comes to a close there are a number of stats I like to look back on as a tool for looking back on the year as a whole. I like to see how many books I read in a year, I like to know how much music I listened to compared to … Continue reading 2017 In Review


Vocal Proponent of Shallow, Nominally Christian Films Calls For Higher Standards For Film

"It's time to end the compromise and raise our standards for the film industry," father of twelve posted to his Facebook wall last Saturday. "Start saying "no" to the secular Hollywood industry and put your money behind shallow Christian films that reinforce the traditional stereotypes that real Christians everywhere fight against in real-life relationships with … Continue reading Vocal Proponent of Shallow, Nominally Christian Films Calls For Higher Standards For Film

Speech and Literature Appreciation Class

Starting on September 9th, I will be teaching a 30 minute* SPEECH class following my Piano Primer Class for children ages 3-12 in Conroe, TX. I accept both reading and non-reading students. Through the course of the 7-week** class, students will memorize the poem "Daybreak" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and become familiar with 7 of … Continue reading Speech and Literature Appreciation Class

To Imitate the Strains I Love

THE REDBREAST AND THE SPARROW As a Redbreast was singing on a tree by the side of a rural cottage, a Sparrow, perched upon the thatch, took occasion thus to reprimand him: “And dost thou,” said he, “with thy dull autumnal note, presume to emulate the birds of spring? Can thy weak warblings pretend to … Continue reading To Imitate the Strains I Love

Writing Blog Tour

This blog has only just passed its two month anniversary and already I have the privilege of participating in a Writing Blog tour--wow, thank you so much Raelea Hiller for the introduction and jump start! I am super excited about this. Raelea and I met through the Texas Area Association of Reformed Baptist Churches and … Continue reading Writing Blog Tour